CA1C - Sijil Kecekapan Fiber Optik CA1C – Dalaman

CA1C - Fibre Optic Competency Certificate CA1C - Interior

This preparation class can help the participants answer exam questions more effectively related to the installation and testing of fibre optic and copper systems as well as safety aspects for the work in the Interior (CA1C/E07).

The CA1C Fibre Optic Certificate are focus on:-
• CA1C – Customer Premise :
Optical Fibre – Installation, Splicing, Testing and Maintenance

In order to obtain the Fibre Optic CA1C Certificates of Competence, participants are required to pass the TM Examination conducted online which is supervised by Telekom Malaysia (TM).

The exam question format is in the form of Objectives which includes theoretical questions such as installation, connection and testing of fibre optic and copper as well as workplace safety.

The objective question has as many as 50 questions and the passing percentage is 70% where the correct answer is 35 questions.

This course module covers: -

1. Safety In the Workplace
2. Introduction to Fibre Optic Cables
3. AM Knowledge About Optical Gentian Broadband
4. Fibre Optic Cable Infrastructure
5. Internal Wiring of Fibre Optic Cables
6. Fibre Optic Cable Testing
7. Practice FASC installation on Drop Fibre